Children who lead

If your family is like mine, every year we take our obligatory family Christmas picture. We usually stand by the Christmas tree and goof off. Being who I am, I try to get that done as quickly as I can so I can get back to eating Christmas food again… I don’t know exactly why we do that. We don’t really share the picture with others, we don’t even share it with each other sometimes. I guess just the thought that the picture is archived somewhere gives us a good feeling that we Christmas was complete…

Well, as the years have gone by, we’ve added others to our family picture. First we added Wandy, my son’s formerly cute and small yorkiepoo (he is rather round and scary now), then we added Izzy, Carolina’s always beautiful cockapoo. And last year we finally added another human, Paul, our beloved son-in-law.

Trying to get humans and animals in pictures is a ticket to bizarre land sometimes. So it happened this past year that in one of our pictures, the one we thought we all looked good in, Wandy decided to pose, but not for a Christmas-rated picture… I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say that the flash of the camera may have gotten Wandy a little too excited as he stood next to Izzy. (I mean in the picture he is no longer standing). It happened so fast we didn’t see it… until we all checked the picture on the digital camera!

We all started laughing pretty hard and one sibling, who shall remain unnamed here, requested the picture so she could post it to her Facebook page. My son, 17, (he will be 18 in November), rebuked his sister and told her that this is the sort of thing you should never post anywhere publicly.

I can’t tell you how proud I was of his resolve. That day my son taught me that integrity is not related to age, order of birth or experience. He showed me that what the Bible says is true — sometimes God uses the lips of the “little ones” to talk sense into the heads of the older ones who should know better.

From the time he was little, my son has always been very focused on doing the right thing no matter what. Sometimes I want him just to relax, but deep down in my heart I pray that he will remain this way throughout his entire life and will continue to lead many by his young but wise hands.

Ivanildo C. Trindade