Hey all,

We’re sitting here at a free Internet spot at Soul Incheon International Airport. The sun is shinning outside and we are thankful we made all the way here. Over 14 hours on the plane. Talk to Naza’s feet and they will tell you how long that it — they are swollen right now. But overall, we are well. The staff at Korean Air were courteous as usual, even when they had to tell me that there were no more two-seaters available. We sat on a three seat roll. A nice lady from Thailand sat at the other end.

I thought there was an unusually high number of babies on this fight. Most of them were quiet, but a couple of them made up for the rest. Thank God for cheap Wal-Mart ear plugs.

Some Americans who are used to paying for Internet at airports come in here and ask what the ‘rate’ is. One guy was surprised that it was ‘free.’ He had to do a doubletake. Then, once he realized the size of that ‘gift,’ he said, “Am I allowed to bring a beer and drink it here?” Staff, “No beer.” So even though Internet is free here, there are things you are not allowed to do… 🙂

Oh well, gotta go now. Thank you for following us and please leave your comments here, if you would.

Ivanildo C. Trindade