Crimes against humanity at Penn State

I just finished reading the grand jury testimony in the case of the horrors allegedly committed by a former Penn State coach against boys. It is the most disturbing piece of work on this subject you will ever read anywhere. It is painful, it is disgusting, but it is true and it must be read by anyone who wants to have any sort of opinion on the matter. Don’t be blinded by “news reports. I beg you to read the grand jury testimony. And don’t stop when it gets unbearable. Read every word of it. You will understand why I am so outraged.

Read it here and cry. Go to the bathroom. Throw up. Lament the tragedy of men who in the height of their power and influence preyed against the most innocent of victims — little boys from troubled homes, not a few but scores of them. Read how men were cowards and dirt bags. Yes, I am referring to the gender here –men’s names populate the entire report. The few times women are referenced, the precious few times, those are the only times someone was trying to protect the victims. No one is immune, there is enough guilty to go around and up and down the entire administration upper echelon. Pathetic and pathological liars, they are.

The little people — moms, janitors, and obviously the victims — are the only ones who escape unscathed. The rest deserves hell.

Ivanildo C. Trindade