Be good to your Spanish

D.C. is a major construction and maintenance theater these days. The reflecting pool in the national mall is being completely re-done — there is no water in it right now. No water in and around the World War II Memorial either. One of the National Gallery Museums is being added on to. Many places are getting a face lift and others are getting some very invasive surgery. It makes it for an interesting walk around the city, with lots of missing sidewalks and many men with noise machines working hard to try to beat the bad weather which they know for sure is coming.

As I walked around, and we did a LOT of walking to day, I couldn’t resist the temptation of coming in closely to listen to the accents of the laborers who are working hard to make Washington retain its charm and beauty. It didn’t take me long to hear enough to conclude: just as the Chinese built the rail roads, the Hispanics are now re-building D.C.

Of course there were a good number of North Americans there too, but there is a great number of Spanish-speaking folks as well, no doubt the largest population being recruited now to work do some jobs that many of the indigenous population is no longer interested in doing.

I say, “Be good to your Spanish…”

Ivanildo C. Trindade