Invitation to join the adventure

Faithful readers (all 17 of you! :)): I am back on the saddle.

And how can I possibly describe the events of the last three weeks? In some ways I feel like I was climbing mountains, killing tigers, charming snakes, and being downright adventurous.

Let me put it this way: less than three months ago my wife and I stood on a piece of land flanked by a river, dreaming the little non-profit I helped start would be able to purchase it so we can build homes there for children who have been physically and sexually abused. Well, one week ago I signed the papers, in the presence of a lawyer and the landowners, transferring ownership of the land to the foundation we are in the process of establishing in Thailand.

We bought 8 acres and will now need to raise money for the infra-structure (water, electric, clearing, preparing the land for building, etc.), then we will start building our first homes there. Our goal is to build our first two by the end of 2013. We will then have two homes — one for girls and one for boys — and from there we will build two homes every year until we can build them no more on that piece of property.

We will also build a common gathering place, a recreation area, an activity center, and a chapel right in the middle of this land. Then, down the ravine, a nice picnic area and playground for the kids to have fun, and log homes for some R & R and lodging for invited guests who will come to help us build this place where the sacredness of childhood will be inviolable. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? And scary!

But I am not scared (just a little :)). Everyone I met with in Thailand was like a gift from God to our ministry. The landowner and his wife, to give one example. He told me he got that land a long time ago, hoping to give it to his children, but they are all successful and living in the city, they don’t like to countryside. So he decided to sell it. But he didn’t want to sell it to anyone. He didn’t want to sell it to anyone with commercial interests. Somehow he wanted the land to be used to help children. I am serious. That’s exactly what he told me!

Then he met this little lady who was talking about rescuing at-risk children. He said, “She was so small but with such big faith!” She said she had no money, but believed she could get it. He said he would wait, but didn’t think she could get it. But the little lady, our country director in Thailand, and her throng of supporters, came through. And the rest is history, like they say.

Thank you everyone who sent me words of encouragement and offered prayers while I was gone. I felt supernaturally empowered wherever I turned. And the reason is: God loves these children and He does not desire for them to live in any way other than being happy and fulfilled, enjoying the full blessings of childhood in a safe environment. And we are providing all of that to them. But we are only scratching the surface. Wait and see how adventurous this can still get! Better yet: don’t wait, be part of the adventure!

Ivanildo C. Trindade