Nigeria Burning

The U.S. is turning its attention to the Primaries in Michigan today while far, far away in Nigeria countless Christians and other religious/ethnic minorities are hiding in fear, afraid for their lives, wondering when the next attack from radical Muslim groups is going to be.

Of course, there is violence everywhere and no one is immune, but the situation in Nigeria is very volatile right now.

I ask you to get educated on the subject, perhaps staring with this short video titled “The Imam and the Pastor.” Now, I don’t agree with everything that is said on this video, but I absolutely admire these two men for having the courage to take a stand and achieve tangible results in peace-making between two groups that have often hated each other. Their personal story is inspiring and I am humbled by their efforts. I hope you will take time to watch this video and would love to hear your opinion about it.

Finally, if you want to read a sobering account of the situation in Nigeria, if only from a slightly different perspective, please go to the current edition of World Magazine. I would love hearing your opinion about this story as well.

Meanwhile, think about the innocent people in Syria who are dying daily because a dictator wants to hold on to powers he thinks are his by inheritance rights. Shame on him!

Ivanildo C. Trindade