Leave "Invisible Children" Alone

Before we all go on crucifying “Invisible Children”  and the “Kony 2012” video, let’s ponder the following:

1. Analysis of their books, even by critics, didn’t reveal anything unusual or wrong about the way they have conducted business. In fact, the finds review that they are no different from the average non-profit organizations.

2. This organization has been bringing awareness about Joseph Kony and the so-called “Lord’s Resistance Army” for a long time. Whether he is at-large or not is immaterial. This man has to be apprehended and brought to justice. He must answer for the terrible crimes he committed.

3. Yes, the video does ask you to buy a $30.00 “action kit”, but you don’t have to buy it. You can be aware and do something without spending a cent.

4. Let’s consider the source of criticisms. There are bloggers out there who have been against “Invisible Children” from the start. Some of them are leading this negative campaign. They will not be happy no matter what “Invisible Children” does.

5. Sure, there are many other atrocities being committed around the world against innocent children but this doesn’t mean that every organization needs to be involved with every one of them. It is okay to have a focus and pursue it until the objectives are met — in this case, helping the victims and bringing this evil man to justice.

6. Let’s hope that the one criticism that I consider to be valid — that “Invisible Children” is focusing too much on awareness campaigns and not so much on helping the children of the L.R.A. and their families — will motivate “Invisible Children” to change their ways and do better in the future. But let’s keep in mind too that “Invisible Children” is NOT an Aid organization and probably will never be.

The rest of the stuff you will read online or watch on YouTube is simply smokescreen. Don’t be fooled.

Ivanildo C. Trindade