“Stay Beautiful, My Friend”

I give a “favored nation’s status” in my mind for artists who take what nature offers us and through manipulation, whether through playful acts or technology, turned their subject into something uniquely creatively, beautiful, without intruding or messing with nature itself

This week I came across two such artists. One is a 23 year old photographer, Malek Hammoud Tuwaijri, who in a sense went playing with the sun through his pictures showing people “manipulating” the brightest star, producing a truly fun effect that makes you feel powerful and playful. The pictures were taken on a deserted beach in Qassim, Saudi Arabia. The  artist said, “We have a beautiful sunrise here, but I wanted to show the sun from a different viewpoint. I like to show things from a different perspective.” Here are some examples of his art:

The second artist lives in Los Angeles. Cecilia Webber‘s working is even more daring and original. She creates flowers utilizing only images of naked models. The secret of the stunning results is how she uses Photoshop to manipulate her pictures. When asked about how she started doing this, she does not hide the fact that it happened accidentally, “One day it happened,” she said, “I juxtaposed a naked image against a black background and it looked like a petal.” Once I “deciphered” her work, though, I have to say that though beautiful, it does look a little raw (no pun intended) and I had to make a mental adjustment not to be distracted by the body forms. Judge for yourself:

I don’t know about you, but I am amazed at this kind of creativity. Taking stuff that is already there and making it into something extremely beautiful. That is not only the business of brilliant artists, it is also the business of the master creator, God Himself, who through his powerful strokes, the rawness of self, and the crucible of circumstances, is able to fashion us into something beautiful — if we would just let Him.

Stay beautiful, my friend.

Ivanildo C. Trindade