Welcome to “same old, same old”

Hello friends. I am back in the blogging world. My apologies to all my faithful readers — all 20 of you!

I have had a rather unusual summer. Between Asia, Brazil, the U.S., I couldn’t keep track of where I was. I didn’t watch T.V. I was on the Internet only rarely, but on the other hand, I ate foods that just thinking about the experience makes my mouth go into a liquid spasm.

To give you an idea, when I arrived in Macapá, northern Brazil, after settling my team down, I walked up the hill to my childhood home — the same wooden house where I lived from 1966-76. There, on the long, wooden table, sat my Mom and my dad. She had prepared my favorite shrimp dish — shrimp peeled and steamed with the smoke from the fire, with some special condiments you can only find in Brazil…

It was the beginning of my journey into eight fresh new pounds I gained while in Brazil. But I had prepared myself for it. I lost about half of the eight I would eventually gain. I call it “lose it forward.” But the deficit is still here and I am attacking it. I just ran a 5K race in Wooster about one week ago to help raise funds to support our rescue efforts in SE Asia, but it will take a lot more than this to go back to status quo ante.

And all that is a metaphor for what is going on in the world. I sort of “checked out” for a while, and when I return, it is back to the status quo — Christians are still being brutally murdered by Islamic militants in Nigeria, innocent people are still being killed by the forces of a brutal dictator in Syria, crazy people are still showing up and shooting unsuspecting people, and hurricanes are menacing the Gulf coast just like they always do.

So I welcome you back to same old same old, including my ramblings, which I hope I will give you a little more of, starting today.

Ivanildo C. Trindade