The Democratic Convention — putting God back where He doesn’t belong!

God has been rejected, mocked, laughed at, discarded, even killed. This week He was removed. Now, if they removed God from the dollar bills it would there would be an uproar. If they removed Him from the Bible, it would start a religious war. If they removed Him from their lives, it would be a matter of choice. People do that every day. But removing Him from a Political Party Platform, you would think nobody would care, but you would be wrong.

It took an act of God to put God back in the Democratic Party political platform. L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa, the poor guy presiding the vote, had to ask it three times. He looked befuddled. He wanted to call his mama and might have possibly done some liquid (or worse) damage to his pants. In the end, the opinion of the chair had to coincide with the opinion of the man sitting in the Oval Office. I can only imagine the frantic phone call that originated from the White House the day before: “I don’t care what it takes — put God back where He doesn’t belong!”

God has a way of scoffing at His critics. In the 60’s they declared him dead. It turns out the rumors of his demise were a little premature.  Richard Dawkins took 300 pages to call God a “delusion.” If he is correct, then all the Democrats are delusional for squabbling over a delusional thought. Christopher Hitchens said God was not great but if he was right there should be no offense leaving him out of a great political party platform. Non-greatness does not belong with greatness, so why mess with a good thing?

Whether you like this or not, somebody tried to remove the word “God” from the document that would guide the Democratic Party for the next four years. Just so you know, I can care less whether God is in or out of a political party document. It is meaningless because those documents have no teeth, no real relevance, no force of law.

But if there is a lesson to learn it is that you don’t mess with God. “The one who sits in heaven laughs,” the Psalmist said. And so the comedians in heaven had a field day. “God is out, God is in. Wait, almost in, yes in; but no one knows for sure.”

So the next time anyone tries to remove God from a meaningless political document, think again. Mess with the 10 commandments, take prayer out of the public schools, take the Christ out of Christmas but by God, don’t ever ever try to remove Him from the Democratic Platform. God is watching and He is keeping score!

God 1. Fringe Democrats 0.

Ivanildo C. Trindade