Shock: Camille Paglia Abandons Obama

Very few evangelicals pay any attention or even know who Camille Paglia is. First, she is a feminist, a different kind of feminist but one nonetheless. Second, she is openly Lesbian. Thirdly, she is an atheist. Fourth, she has been an outspoken voice for liberal ideas. So you would think that people like me would stay away from Camille and her rantings.

Not so fast. I have always paid attention to Camille. First, because she is an art’s professor. As a former art professor myself, I sympathize with her views to see art take its deserved place in our society. Secondly, when it comes to her views about art, I find myself in agreement with her in a variety of topics, not the least of which the notion that so-called “shock art” has outlived its usefulness and modern art as we know it today is generally in the hands of fools. Thirdly, though a feminist, Camille has challenged some of the basic premises of radical feminism and I just love the way she makes some people mad.

But never in a million years I imagined that Camille could ever be capable of delivering the most scathing indictment against the Obama administration as she did recently in an interview for an online T.V. channel. You may see the entire interview here. Most of it is about her new book and the place of art in America. But if you fast forward to about minute marker 11:24, she starts talking about why she is not voting for Barak Obama this time around. Now, the reasons she gives are not what most would expect, but my is she provocative!

Having lived under the threat of communism for about 20 years in Brazil, I know what “statism” is. Most kids nowadays have no idea what that word means. Obviously, comparing Obama’s methods with Stalin’s is way off the mark, but there is no question that some signs of attempt at government controls are evident everywhere. Camille once again opens her generous mouth and paints a picture of apocalyptic doom. Either she is totally crazy or the most courageous leftist that ever was.

Regardless, President Obama is lucky this aired only on an obscure Internet channel.

Ivanildo C. Trindade