Don’t Take Mine or Camille Paglia’s Words for it…

Okay, my “fascination” with Ms. Paglia got the best of me. My regular readers know me well enough to know that my voice is only vox populi and not vox dei. But for the sake of those who visit me here only occasionally, and thanks to my dialogue with “Eric” here, I want to share the following with you:

If you want to check a “serious” source (as opposed to “beloved” Camille…) that once supported President Obama and is now leaving his camp, I encourage you to read the editorial page from the Des Moines Register, an Iowan newspaper that has endorsed Democratic Candidates since 1976 and is now calling Romney “the stronger candidate.” For the opposite view, go to the Miami Herald editorial, which raises serious questions about Governor Romney’s contradictory statements as a harbinger of bad things to come.  And for a former Republican Governor who now endorses President Obama, go here. Study the issues, make your own judgement and always vote your values and convictions. And yes, pray for your President and all those in authority (and I don’t mean pray for him to fail!).

I am praying for this country and its future. Especially for God to empower those who call themselves followers of Christ to reach out with compassion to a world in desperate need of hope, and especially those whose voices have been silenced and dreams have been shattered by the political noise in Washington. Leaders cannot make this happen, but they can certainly point the way, by words and deeds.

Ivanildo C. Trindade