Miracle or HIV Cure?

Today is a great day for those who have lived with the scourge  of the HIV virus for their entire lives. Up until now there was only a couple of known “cures” for patients carrying the virus and they were all adults. Their circumstances were so rare, though, that no doctor would recommend anyone to go through what those few had to endure (plus the fact that it would be nearly impossible to replicate their situations).

But today the first cure among children was announced. A little 2.5 year-old Mississippi girl has been declared cured from the HIV virus. No traces of the virus have been found in her system, even after a good amount of time has elapsed since she stop receiving the anti-retroviral medication.

And what is unique about this situation? Well, it is unique!  Again try as they may (and scientists now have the capabilities of running tests that detect even an infinitesimal amount of the virus in a person’s system), doctors who conducted the studies are baffled at the reasons why this girl was cured. One doctor calls it a “miracle.” There is a word you don’t usually hear associated with the medical field. But the circumstances are so unusual, this doctor had to use the “m” word.

I don’t know about you, but if I were among those doctors, I would be moving heaven and earth to find every little details about what mother and child were doing the time they went under the radar and were nowhere to be seen for six months, thus unavailable to continue the treatment the girl had started since before birth.

Could they be receiving alternative treatment in a clinic in Ukraine somewhere? Or better yet, maybe the doctors should simply check where they went to church for that period of time.

Yes, sometimes the answer is closer than you think. Be that as it may, I wish this girl and all other children who suffer this virus due to no choice of their own the best of luck. And more miracles to boot.

Ivanildo C. Trindade